What is the Capital Divide?

The Capital Divide is an unsupported cycling route that traverses the ACT. Riders can tackle the route at any time, however there was a open start on Feb 20th 2021. Make sure you are well-prepared and self-reliant if tackling the route. Be safe.

What is the Capital Divide?

The Capital Divide is a challenging route, with plenty of climbing, fire trails, some singletrack and the occasional unavoidable road section. This route has been created to take in some of the highlights of the ACT, and add to the rich variety of routes on offer in Canberra.

Is it an official race?

There’s no official registration, support or assistance associated with the route. It’s purely created for fun and the challenge of riding across the territory from North to South (or South to North if you want to mix it up).

There’ll be no-one to see you off, or welcome you back from the route, unless you arrange it. So just turn up, ride, and be safe out there.

Is there timekeeping?

There’s no official timekeeping for the Capital Divide. Feel free to record your own time and let us know.


You’re responsible for your own safety on the route. Make sure someone knows what you’re doing and that you have a safety plan. Large portions of the route are difficult to access and out of phone reception, so you should have some form of emergency communication device, at the very least.

About the Capital Divide route

The route


Please be a responsible cyclist when riding the route, if roads are unexpectedly closed you’ll need to find your own detour. Remember, this isn’t a race, so deviating from the route is ok and encouraged when necessary. It’s your ride, so make it a good one.


The route will be approximately 250km long, and hits the northernmost and the southernmost accessible points of the territory. 

Shorter route options

If you haven’t got time to take on the full Capital Divide route, feel free to modify it as you wish. The route can easily be split into three smaller segments that could be tackled individually and would make excellent options for shorter day, or overnight rides.

• First 50
• Middle hundy
• Southern border

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Tag #capitaldivide and @desirelinescc when posting to social. Check out these two stories from the first edition of the Capital Divide